In 1945, Jewish and other victimized groups were liberated from Nazi tyranny. 75 years later, we mark this important anniversary by remembering the victims, honouring the survivors, showcasing the future of Holocaust education, reflecting on antisemitism in the world, celebrating the role of the liberators, and committing to protecting freedom, diversity, human rights and inclusion.

Liberation75 explores the past, present, and future of Holocaust education and remembrance through captivating discussions and presentations, interactive workshops, survivor testimony, films, artistic and musical performances, unique exhibits, ground-breaking technology, and more.


In April 1983, the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and Descendants hosted more than 20,000 attendees in Washington, D.C. In April 1985, the Canadian Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and Descendants hosted 5,000 attendees in Ottawa. Both events were modeled after a similar event, held in Israel in 1981, which hosted 15,000 attendees. Since then, these events have not been repeated.

I attended the Canadian Gathering with my late father, a Hungarian Holocaust Survivor. The event was a turning point for me - an opportunity to identify as a “descendant,” and meet other children of survivors with shared experiences. More importantly, the Gathering instilled in me a life-long commitment to Holocaust remembrance and education. It has since been my dream to mobilize another Global Gathering, to inspire others to continue this important work into the future.


I hope you will join me.

Marilyn Sinclair

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