How the 3rd Generation Tells the Stories of the Holocaust

From around the world, the next generation demonstrates and discusses how they are carrying the memory of the Holocaust into the future.  

Rachael Cerrotti (USA) - Rachael's podcast, We Share The Same Sky, documents her journey to weave together her family’s Holocaust history.

Ricki Gurwitz (Canada) - Ricki’s documentary, The Accountant of Auschwitz, follows the trial of a 94-year-old former German SS officer.

Dr. Liat Steir-Livny (Israel) - Liat's research focuses on the changing commemoration of the Holocaust in Israel from the 1940s until the present.

Moderated by Cayle White, 3GNY Board Member.

Introductions by Rafi Yablonsky & Raquel Binder.