August Updates

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Community Dine-Around

We are inviting organizations, institutions, and individuals in the Greater Toronto Area to host international attendees on the evening of Monday, June 1st, 2020.

Hosting a Community Dine-Around is a valuable way to showcase your organization's mission and work, and tout the outstanding diversity and hospitality of our communities (Jewish and otherwise)!

Your Dine-Around may be hosted at any safe and legal location in the Greater Toronto Area, so long as it can contain a minimum of 30 guests. Some ideas include (but are not limited to) a school classroom or gymnasium, a museum or gallery, a store, a restaurant or cafe, an office, a theatre, or even your own home!

What is expected of a Dine-Around host?
As host, you will be responsible for providing dinner and programming related to the Holocaust, liberation and/or human rights for the number of guests that you specify (minimum of 30), at your own cost. The guests' transportation to and from the Metro Toronto Convention Centre will be provided by Liberation75's sponsors.

We welcome involvement from diverse organizations. To get involved, please complete the Community Dine-Around form (also available as PDF).

You may also view our website for more information!

Program Proposals

Proposal submissions are now closed, and we are no longer accepting revisions.

We have received over 170 compelling proposals from all parts of the world, including Canada, USA, Israel, England, Poland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Brazil, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, and Australia!
Applicants will be informed of their acceptance status by September 10th, 2019.
For dates and status updates, please refer to our website.


Registration will open on Tuesday, September 10th on our website.

Participating Organizations

Thank you to our 90+ organizations from around the world that have supported, guided, and advanced Liberation75 in so many ways. Our group of participating organizations is continuously growing, and it's certainly not too late to join!

What do participating organizations do, and what kind of commitment is expected?
The roles and extents of involvement vary based on each organization's preferences and capacities! Some of our participating organizations are undertaking large roles in Liberation75's planning, marketing, programming, and more; some are organizing specific events and/or exhibits; some are fundraisers or sponsors; some are acting on our committees; and some are simply helping to spread the word about us to their contacts. However you participate, your organization will enjoy your logo being displayed on our website & promotional materials, and becoming a team member of this historical event!

Welcome to our newest participating organizations: Museum of Jewish Heritage, Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Centre, Circle of Care (Sinai Health System), The Zoryan Institute, Bridge to Poland, Miami Ad School Toronto, Holocaust Memorial Centre Zekelman Family Campus, Ontario Jewish Archives (Blankenstein Family Heritage Centre), Jewish Community Center Warsaw. Vermont Holocaust Memorial

Miami Ad School Toronto

Miami Ad School Toronto is generously creating a marketing campaign for Liberation75! Thank you to the staff and students (comprised of 30 art directors, designers, and copywriters) for their advertising expertise, and for dedicating their time, words, art, and ideas to this movement. Thank you to Holocaust survivor, Pinchas Gutter, and Michelle Fishman of the Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre for briefing, educating, and guiding the students towards impactful, strategic, appropriate, and accurate messaging. We look forward to witnessing the magic created by such a talented and passionate group!

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