The Willesden Project

Announcing the Canadian Premiere of the Willesden Project

Presented by the Jewish Heritage Committee of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) 

In partnership with Liberation75, Echoes and Reflections and USC Shoah Foundation

Fall 2022

The Willesden Project brings the power of music and story to reach young people globally and contribute to their development as empathetic, knowledgeable and resilient individuals. The Willesden Project expands the reach of Lisa Jura’s story of survival, resilience, and triumph as she struggles to come of age separated from her family during World War II, as originally shared by her daughter, author and concert pianist Mona Golabek, in The Children of Willesden Lane books and musical performances.

To maximize impact, the partners have created a phased approach, with the development of new multimedia and multilingual assets, educator professional development opportunities, external partnerships, and other milestones to scale the program and engage educators and students across grade levels and learning settings.


This five-year initiative offers a growing and unique constellation of educational elements—rooted in testimony, technology, and music—to open students’ hearts and minds, and expand the ways in which they learn about the history of the Holocaust and related and resonant themes.