The Willesden Project

Announcing the Canadian Premiere of the Willesden Project

Presented by the Jewish Heritage Committee
of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB)
in partnership with Liberation75, Echoes and Reflections
and USC Shoah Foundation

Fall 2022

The Willesden Project brings the power of music and story to reach young people and contribute to their development as empathetic, knowledgeable and resilient individuals.

“The Children of Willesden Lane” is a true story that begins in Vienna in 1938, when it quickly becomes dangerous to be Jewish. The heroine of the story is a 14-year-old young Jewish girl named Lisa Jura, who dreams of becoming a concert pianist. Her parents are able to secure her a spot on the Kindertransport to London, with 10,000 other Jewish children. At the train station in Vienna, Lisa’s mother tells her to “hold on to your music.” She doesn’t just mean the music Lisa is taking with her, but also the music in her heart.


Lisa’s daughter, Mona Golabek, is a pianist too, and through music, she shares her mother’s story to encourage young people to fight hate, defend the rights of others and follow their dreams in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. 


Liberation75, in collaboration with the Jewish Heritage Committee of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), Echoes and Reflections and USC Shoah Foundation is proud to bring The Willesden Project to Canada for the first time! The Willesden Project has been successfully delivered to hundreds of thousands of students around the world.


While the Willesden Project has many educational resources to support its goals, the highlight of the program will be 4 live concert performances that follows Lisa's journey through a musical story. The story explores the history of antisemitism, the pain of discrimination and separation from family, the nature of trauma and loss and ultimately of survival and resilience. 


We piloted the Willesden Project at a TDSB school in late 2019 and the response from students and teachers was overwhelming. The initiative was put on hold due to COVID. We are thrilled to bring it back in fall 2022.


We are seeking sponsors and donors for this ambitious project. To discuss options, please email