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Programs are not taking place on this website ( They are taking place on an external video conference platform, called "Hopin." To join the conference, CLICK HERE (or click the red button that says "register" near the top of this page). You will be brought to the "Hopin" platform, where you will be prompted to register and sign up! You may be sent a confirmation e-mail to confirm your identity.

You do not need to sign up for programs individually! All currently-running programs are available to view (with no viewer limit)! To watch currently-running programs, use the menu along the left side of your screen to navigate through "Stages," "Sessions," and "Exhibits/Film Festival." More instructions are outlined in the next section! 


Note: the only program requiring additional registration is the Film Festival, because it takes place on another external platform. 


hopin email.png

Look for this e-mail in your inbox.

If you cannot find it, check your Junk/Spam folder.

If you still cannot find it, try re-registering with a different e-mail address. 

Click the blue button at the bottom of the e-mail.

You may be prompted to create an account (you may also be sent a confirmation e-mail to confirm your identity).

Please note that you will NOT be e-mailed a password. You'll be prompted to create your own password!

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Where is my log-in access link?


Watch a quick video on how to navigate the Hopin platform!

How do I navigate the Hopin platform?
I was able to log on to the Hopin platform. Where can I speak to a tech expert?
hopin bar.png

This menu is found on the left side of your screen. Use it to navigate through programs!

Need help? Use the HELP DESK!

The HELP DESK is a great place for tech support!

The CHAT is not!

hopin help desk.png


I'm waiting for the next session to start, but nothing is happening. What should I do?

If you are waiting for another program to begin, but nothing is happening on-screen, your program may be taking place in a different location. Click the "Stages," "Sessions," and "Exhibits" buttons (in the left menu) to locate the program.

hopin stages.png
Where can I find the Breakouts?

Breakouts and Descendant Discussions occur in the "Sessions" tab. These programs will only be visible on screen 5 minutes before, and during, their scheduled times. 

Where can I find the Descendant Discussions?

Still need support? Contact

hopin breakouts screenshot.png
Where can I view the Film Festival?


The Film Festival is the only program that does not occur on the Hopin platform. 

Signing up is a two-step process.


Make an account on

jflix screenshot 3.png
jflix screenshot 4.png
jflix screenshot 5.png

Explore and enjoy!

Note: film availability varies by date and region. For more information, visit our Film Festival page!


Some films have accompanying Q&A sessions. They can be found here.

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