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Ernie's Books

Ernie’s Books, a new initiative from Liberation75, will provide grade 6 teachers with:  

  • FREE books for your classroom

  • Lesson plans by the publisher and other teachers

  • Challenging Stories Book Club events

  • Other educational opportunities throughout the year 

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Featured Book for 2023/2024

To Hope and Back: The Journey of the St. Louis

By award-winning author, Kathy Kacer

In 2023/2024, we will be featuring To Hope and Back. The book tells the true story of the 1939 voyage of the MS St Louis, a ship filled with Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany that was refused entry into Cuba, the US, and Canada, through the eyes of two child survivors and the heroic captain of the ship.


Our educators have chosen this book for its ability to provide sensitive, age-appropriate historical context for the new grade 6 social studies curriculum expectations related to the Holocaust and Jewish history in Canada. 

To Hope and Back is published by our generous partner, Second Story Press and made possible by generous donors.

Ernie's Books was created to support the introduction of mandatory Holocaust education in elementary schools in Ontario. We are thrilled to have sent 26,000 books to every school board in Ontario during our pilot year 2023/2024. 


We encourage all teachers to add their names to the list to be prioritized for next year. 

Ernie’s books is named in loving memory of Ernie Weiss, Holocaust survivor and educator.

Thank you to our generous sponsors!

We are actively seeking sponsors for this new program.

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