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Ernie's Books

Ernie's books is new initiative from Liberation75, with an aim to provide grade 6 teachers with free books for their classrooms, lesson plans by the publisher, Challenging Stories Book Club events, and other educational opportunities throughout the year.

Challenging Stories
Book Club

Challenging Stories Book Club aims to provide Grade 6 teachers with practical tools, ideas and strategies for how to teach the Holocaust using children's literature.


Each month, we will feature an author of a highly regarded, age-appropriate book, in conversation with a grade 6 educator who will discuss how they teach the book in their own classroom.



Our educator toolkit includes resources and professional development videos for educators, and resources and lesson plans for teachers to use in the classroom.


The Willesden Project

The Canadian Premiere of the Willesden Project, presented by the Jewish Heritage Committee of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), in partnership with Liberation75, Echoes and Reflections and USC Shoah Foundation was a huge success in 2023! Inspired by the power of story to transform lives, this ground-breaking initiative combines testimony, technology, and music to reshape Holocaust education.


The IWalk Project

Liberation75 and Centre for Holocaust Education and Scholarship (CHES) have joined with the USC Shoah Foundation to create an ambitious, interactive IWalk App to encourage student groups and tourists to visit the Monument and to educate them about the reality of the Holocaust and its aftereffects.


Survey of North American Teens on the Holocaust and Antisemitism

We used a pre/post-treatment survey to assess what 3,593 teens across Canada and the United States know and think about the Holocaust and antisemitism.

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Chance Collection

In 2021, Liberation75 was invited by the USC Shoah Foundation to pursue an important mission: Find 150 Canadian Holocaust survivors and record their testimonies. We are proud to announce that we have achieved this goal thanks to a generous donor and the unrelenting efforts of a team of videographers, interviewers, coordinators and partners from coast to coast across Canada. We are so grateful to everyone who participated – especially the Holocaust survivors who shared their painful and important memories with us.

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Antisemitism: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

3 countries, 3 families, 3 generations.This film explores the legacy of antisemitism as experienced by Holocaust Survivors, their children, and their grandchildren. What did antisemitism look like then? What does it look like now? What might it look like in the future? Created by award-winning filmmakers, Shoy Pictures, for Liberation75.

View the 5 minute or full-length version.

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Our Virtual Holocaust Library

We created the first Virtual Holocaust Library to house all the recordings from Liberation75. Our library has since expanded to house world-leading digital content from partner organizations, museums, educators, artists and Holocaust survivors. All the content is online and free - with no registration required.

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