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(Hebrew for "Pure")​

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Composed and written exclusively by Jewish composers and lyricists, this concert is a musical voyage that starts with the thriving Jewish culture of 1920s Berlin during the Weimar Republic, and ends with music from the Promised Land - Israel.

Composed and written exclusively by Jewish composers and lyricists.

Performed by Adrienne Haan (Musical Direction and Script);  Heinz Walter Florin (grand piano); and the Diplomatic String Quartet Berlin: Matthias Hummel (1st violin); Dr. Felix Klein (2nd violin); Ernst Herzog (viola); Ariane Spiegel (cello).


"Tehorah," which means "pure" in Hebrew, is a heartbreaking, promising musical story about war, loss, hope, love and forgiveness. Sung in German, Yiddish and Hebrew. Performed by Adrienne Haan, Heinz Walter Florin on piano, and the Diplomatic String Quartet Berlin. Filmed at the Chamber Music Hall at the Beethoven House in Bonn, Germany. First performed at Carnegie Hall in New York, the concert commemorates the 75th anniversary of the end of the Holocaust and encourages peace among all nations.

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להקת המחול הקיבוצית - אמבכלל

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company presents a moving theatrical event in figurative and abstract circles, from the closed form to the open structure. Physical space in motion whose essence is a chain of events of diverse and ever-changing interpersonal relationships.

Introduction by Yoni Avital (International Director)

Choreography, Stage & Lighting Design by Rami Be’er

Music by Volcano Choire, H. Gudnadottir, Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack, Murcof, Olafur Arnalds, M. Richter, J. Johansson, L. Einaudi, Ophir Leibovitch

Sound design by Rami Be’er, Alex Claude

Costume Design by Rami Be’er, Maor Zabar

The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company has been widely identified with the works of its Artistic Director Rami Be'er. His creations have credited the company with international acclaim as it frequently performs in theaters and festivals around the world. His work is known to arouse much interest and curiosity with audiences both in Israel and abroad, and as a result the company continues to enjoy an ever increasing demand for its performances on stages worldwide.

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A 30-minute Kaballat Shabbat concert on acoustic guitar & piano. 

 "Yonina” (a combination of our names -Yoni & Nina Tokayer) began from the moment we met, on a beautiful balcony in Tzfat, Israel. We had both been pursuing music our entire lives, and once we met we began dreaming about making music together.


We are an Israeli-American musical duo who first started sharing our music through weekly home videos posted to social media. Since we first began posting our videos in 2016, our music has reached millions of viewers, with the record being our cover of “One Day” which had over 40 million views from around the globe. In September of 2017 we released our debut  album, "Emet Pshuta" (Simple Truth), with original hit songs like “Ahava”, “Rega Mechuvan”, “Seriously” and “Shir Shel Boker”.


For the past three years we’ve been performing throughout Israel, the US and Europe, in both large-scale concerts and private events. Currently, we’re working on our second album and continuing to write & record music, perform and produce music videos. ​We've been married for four years and have two sweet children- Ashira (3) and Achiya Yehuda (1)- who make guest appearances in our videos. We live in the rural city of Pardes Chana in Northern Israel. 

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A musical presentation with Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto & Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company, featuring world-renowned performers.

This performance will sum up the emotional topics explored in Liberation75's programs, and inspire the continuation of Holocaust education and remembrance as we lose the last of our Survivors.


Created by the same team that created the provocative and highly successful Slichot services for Temple Sinai and The Harold Green Jewish Theatre, These, I Remember will be based on three pillars of Holocaust remembrance: Education, Never Again (for the Jews or anyone else), and The State of Israel.


Produced by Cantor Charles Osborne, performers include Theresa Tova, Gabi Epstein, Jake Epstein, David Eisner Avery Saltzman, Amy Sky and violinist Moshe Hammer.  Joining them will be the Temple Sinai’s Rabbi Michael Dolgin, the Temple Sinai Holiday Choir directed by Ross Inglis, and the Temple Sinai L’Dor Vador Youth Choir directed by Cantor Sharon Brown-Levy.  A 12-piece orchestra will be conducted by the Harold Green Jewish Theatre music director, Mark Camilleri.  Included will be music written especially for this program by Amy Sky and Charles Osborne. 

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Martha and David Z"L Sud Family

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