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Teaching Film with Testimony: The Rescuers

USC Shoah Foundation

Ideal for classroom use with Grades 6-8.

Teaching Film with Testimony is a multifaceted interdisciplinary approach that offers educators (K-16) best practices and educational resources for using film and audiovisual testimony to support student critical literacy and promote empathy.

In 2011, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Michael King and Executive Producer Joyce D. Mandell released The Rescuers. This documentary film uncovers the largely unknown stories of thirteen heroic and courageous diplomats who, at tremendous personal cost, saved tens of thousands of Jewish people during World War II.

Stories of rescue are particular value for education, to model postive behavior and inspire today's youth to act as responsible citizens. The critical partnership between The Andrew J. and Joyce D. Mandell Family Foundation, Inc. and USC Shoah Foundation strengthens our collective ability to educate, inspire and preserve.

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