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The Guide: 'Studying Genocide'

Foundation For Genocide Education

Designed for teachers instructing Grades 10-12.

This online guide includes case studies of nine significant 20th century genocides and provides customizable learning plans, testimonial and instructional videos, and reference materials. Available in French and English. A collaboration between our foundation, the University of Sherbrooke, University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières, the Quebec Ministry of Education, the Montreal Holocaust Museum and the various communities highlighted in the guide.

Additional notes:

Foundation For Genocide Education offers a presentation program by children of survivors of genocide. Click here to arrange a visit:

Foundation For Genocide Education offers an online version of FGE President Heidi Berger's late mother Ann Kazimirski's memoir, 'Witness to Horror', which can be downloaded for free from our website:

Questions about this resource? Contact:

Director of Communications, Marcy Bruck,


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